New single + inspiration playlist by Sam Craighead

Well, today marks the release of “Kevin’s World,” the second single from my upcoming EP.

Okay great… and?

Hmm yes, well, here is an idea: what if I put this song on a playlist alongside some of my most favorite songs and songwriters who inspired me during the creation of this record and beyond?

Oh great idea!

I already did that.

Wonderful to hear!

You can go listen to that now online if you use this link.

Maybe I will.

Cool good seeing you have a great summer


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New music in March by Sam Craighead

Dear Diary,

Sorry! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. I have so much to tell you…

Shortly after putting out The Tuesday Night Music Club, I got connected with David and Ben from The Fray and we did some cross-country collaboration on a 5-song EP. David produced and handled most instrumentation here in Columbus, while Ben contributed drums from Denver, and I tried to remember how to play piano and sing when it was my turn to shine. We started with a reworking of “Casual Laidback Sunday,” an older song that got cut from my first record, Craig’s Hideaway, and added three new songs and a cover of “Skeletons” by Rickie Lee Jones (from Pirates, one of my all-time favorite records). Colleen sings on it some.

I was (and maybe still am…) eating a lot of garbage at nighttime and working out a lot to try to counteract it. The songs are about me or other (real and made up) people self-medicating and reflecting on (part of) the American experience. I titled the EP Self-Portrait w/Fries and it’s coming out digitally on March 22 with a limited run of cassette tapes to follow shortly after. Singles sneaking out on Spotify during the lead up.

I hope to write more soon. Sorry so sloppy.


Gossip Man

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Oh shoot I made it to a 2017 year end list by Sam Craighead

What you have been hearing everywhere online and in person, including from your parents, is true: The Tuesday Night Music Club was included as one of Columbus Alive's Top 5 Columbus Albums of 2017.

Last week I got to hang out with their editor, Andy Downing, and the inimitable Sharon Udoh (aka Counterfeit Madison) to listen to popular hit 2017 music and talk about it and yes mainly I was interested in discussing Taylor Lautner and it was just the most wonderful time with the most enjoyable company :)

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