Work from home/be your own boss/own my discography / by Sam Craighead

Great, so you already know about how you can listen to Self-Portrait w/Fries (and my entire back catalog) over at the family-owned website Spotify, but were you also aware you could also own a glowing piece of the radical rock™ on tape? Sadly, this is also true.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can purchase this tape of 5 hit singles plus a special bonus track, “Back to Kroger,” that is only available on these freaking tapes. Comes with a free digital download of everything (in this business, known as a “win/win”), including a tape case and printed album cover.

There are four ways you can acquire the fire:

  1. Get to The Pony

  2. Pay $5 online and get only this tape

  3. Pay $20 online and get all of my records (2 tapes, 1 LP), while supplies last

  4. Come to the album release party in Columbus, OH on 3/30 at The Oracle

It really is that easy.