New music in March / by Sam Craighead

Dear Diary,

Sorry! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. I have so much to tell you…

Shortly after putting out The Tuesday Night Music Club, I got connected with David and Ben from The Fray and we did some cross-country collaboration on a 5-song EP. David produced and handled most instrumentation here in Columbus, while Ben contributed drums from Denver, and I tried to remember how to play piano and sing when it was my turn to shine. We started with a reworking of “Casual Laidback Sunday,” an older song that got cut from my first record, Craig’s Hideaway, and added three new songs and a cover of “Skeletons” by Rickie Lee Jones (from Pirates, one of my all-time favorite records). Colleen sings on it some.

I was (and maybe still am…) eating a lot of garbage at nighttime and working out a lot to try to counteract it. The songs are about me or other (real and made up) people self-medicating and reflecting on (part of) the American experience. I titled the EP Self-Portrait w/Fries and it’s coming out digitally on March 22 with a limited run of cassette tapes to follow shortly after. Singles sneaking out on Spotify during the lead up.

I hope to write more soon. Sorry so sloppy.


Gossip Man