The press is having a field day with this one... by Sam Craighead

Last week we dropped the new record and this week it’s all over no less than TWO PRESS OUTLETS. Going to have to build a new section of the website, I guess, but in the meantime here’s a recap and some links:

Columbus Alive: Singer-songwriter records new EP with half of the Fray — seriously

David Welsh and I sat down with Andy Downing from Alive over lunch last week to talk about making the record, me firing my old (maybe nonexistent) manager, struggling to be taken seriously on a variety show in between legit comedy superstars, and knowing when to stop writing parts for a song. Andy’s the best and so is his paper :)

Columbus Dispatch: Sam Craighead will perform on Saturday at the Oracle in Olde Towne East

I got to speak with Julia from the Dispatch for the first time and we covered hearing the Fray for the first time, growing up in an Evangelical cult bubble in 1980s, and french fries. ( managed to name check Wendy’s and Cracker Barrel before admitting that I’m really more focused on chips right now. What a hoot. Thanks, Julia! Hopefully next writeup will feature me in the Business section for losing less money making this record than the last one (shhh don’t tell my label).

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Work from home/be your own boss/own my discography by Sam Craighead

Great, so you already know about how you can listen to Self-Portrait w/Fries (and my entire back catalog) over at the family-owned website Spotify, but were you also aware you could also own a glowing piece of the radical rock™ on tape? Sadly, this is also true.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can purchase this tape of 5 hit singles plus a special bonus track, “Back to Kroger,” that is only available on these freaking tapes. Comes with a free digital download of everything (in this business, known as a “win/win”), including a tape case and printed album cover.

There are four ways you can acquire the fire:

  1. Get to The Pony

  2. Pay $5 online and get only this tape

  3. Pay $20 online and get all of my records (2 tapes, 1 LP), while supplies last

  4. Come to the album release party in Columbus, OH on 3/30 at The Oracle

It really is that easy.

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Self-Portrait w/Fries is online by Sam Craighead

On this day in 2019, my new EP has become available to the internet world. It is a wild romp through a dark time in history, which is already covered in detail on this other part of my website.

My recommendation: head to Spotify or whatever other streaming service you use (why do you use deezer????) and listen to the record in full while you read through the credits “thank you” list below :)

~~~About the Record~~~

All songs by Sam Craighead except for “Skeletons" by Rickie Lee Jones

Produced David Welsh

Drums by Ben Wysocki

Vocals on “Casual Laidback Sunday” by Colleen Chilton

Recorded and mixed at David’s house in Columbus

Drums recorded at Ben’s studio in Denver

Piano recorded at Musicol by Keith Hanlon and Oranjudio by Drew Bullock

Mastered by Carl Saff

~~~Thank You~~~

David, Ben, and Colleen for making the record possible. Keith and Drew for sitting through multiple takes of me relearning how to play piano. Sam Bodary and David Fowler for all your work on “Please Clap,” even though it got cut from the album. Head2Wall, Arista, Sony/BMG, Jimmy Iovine, David Geffen, and Linda from 3 Non Blonde.

In loving memory of Charlie

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